There are riots in the streets of the Ukraine and all we see on the news is Justin Beiber.  There is something very wrong with the priorities of people.


There are riots in the streets of the Ukraine and all we see on the news is Justin Beiber.  There is something very wrong with the priorities of people.

Professional Sport, is it Societies self inflicted Lobotomy.

Professional Sport, is it Societies self inflicted Lobotomy.

If I was to tell you I knew a person who was playing video games for 48 hours a week would you be concerned they where addicted? Of course you would. What if it was porn and not video games? addicted! I hear you collectively shout. What if it was social media, two days a week on Facebook, twitter etc…. society would label them Social Media addicts would they not? However if they are sitting on the couch watching Football on TV or in the car listening to Football on the radio for up to and in excess of two days a week  

then that is perfectly OK, by societies standards. 

     So how did I get to 48 hours - two days a week.

     Nine games a week, at 3 hours a game       = 27 hours

    Two hour commute a day listing 

      to football talkback radio                              = 10 hours

     AFL Footy show                                            =   2.5

    Before the game                                            =    2

    The Sunday AFL Footy show                         =   1.5

    Game Day                                                     =   1.5

    Footy Classified                                             =   2

    15 minutes of commercial news ever night.  =  1.75

                                                            Total of    48.25  hours of football a week.

   (These are local times, however all western 

     cloture communities have similar exposure to sport.)

That does not account for Foxtel football talk shows, reruns of previous matches, online footy forms, apps, games, websites, gambling, and printed and digital media that an obsessed fan will engage in every opportunity they get. When these secondary forms of sport are ingested, an estimate of two days a week seems very conservative and could be more like three days a week. 

Lets have a quick look at the effects of a physical Lobotomy and compare then to someone that watches a large amount of sport.

Patient’s have a diminished ability to function independently, they will be easily lead and easily conform to a mob mentality. Same as a Sports Frenetics. Patient’s show a vast reduction in initiative and inhibition, Sports Frenetic. As well as a reduction of empathy and cognitive ability. Sports Frenetic. A detachment from society will also be significant, however this will only be observed by those not suffering the same plight. Sports Frenetic. Every single person I know that watches a lot of sport is exactly like this, and frankly it’s a bit scary. 

For those of us that do not watch copious amounts of sport or other mind numbing rhetoric on television, this question and following scenario will resonate deeply within you.

Have you ever been in a social situation surrounded by men and the only thing they can articulately talk about is sport? I have many times. The conversation generally goes one of two ways.

# 1.

Sports Fanatic  "How about that game last night… hay hay?" 

Normal person     "I didn’t see it, I don’t watch sport"

Sports Fanatic  "Well what about the game last week?"

Normal person   "Didn’t see that one either, I find sport repetitive and 

                             boring and I have better things to do”

Sports Fanatic "So your saying you don’t watch sport at all"

Normal person    "Pretty much"

Sports Fanatic   So what do you do?”

Normal person    "Read, keep up with current affairs, educate myself, movies, theatre, art,  

                             exhibitions. there things to do other than sit and watch sport eating 

                             junk-food drinking beer.”

Sports Fanatic  “Like what?”

Normal person     “When was the last time you researched something you where curious 

                             about, other than sport”

Sports Fanatic  "Ummm I don’t think I ever have"


# 2.

Sports Fanatic "How about that game last night… hay hay?" 

Normal person     “I didn’t see it, I don’t watch sport”

Sports Fanatic  "What are ya a POOFDAR!!"

Normal person     "So you think I’m homosexual because I don’t like sport"

Sports Fanatic   "Yea you must be a poof"

Normal person      "Oh Ok I see. What’s you favorite sport"

Sports Fanatic  "AFL"

Normal person       "How many teams and how many players per team in AFL?"

Sports Fanatic    "18 teams and 22 a side"

Normal person       “So about 400 players?”

Sports Fanatic    "ok if you say so"

Normal person       "How many of them could you recognize when your watching them on  

                               the TV?”

Sports Fanatic   "I’d say at least 80-90%"

Normal person      "OK, so I like to go the the ballet and I can recognize the principal ballet  

                               dancer from over ten Ballet Companies.” 

Sports Fanatic     "So you like the Ballet..poof"

Normal person        “So one of us can recognize ten of the most beautiful and elegant 

                                woman on the planet from 30 meters, and the other can recognize 

                                over 300 men in short shorts and gets exited by the fact he can do 


Sports Fanatic  “Yea and?”

Normal person      “Now which one do your think has clinical homosexual tendencies?”

                              “The male that admirers beautiful women and there ability or the one 

                                that admirers men in tight shorts?”

Sports Fanatic    "Your a @#5$ &6%$….."

Normal person        “Ok, nice chat”

If a person can only have an intelligent conversation pertaining to one topic, other than ones occupation. Is that not at least a little scary for the rest of society. As this pandemic of Societies self inflicted Lobotomy gathers pass at what point will it be too late to intervene? Have we already past the point of no return? How many people can name an Astronaut from this country? Or a Nobel Prize winner? However I would estimate over 90% of the population could name the Premiership team and the league’s MVP for the past five years. I strongly believe the brain needs nutrition in order for it to grow and work efficiently. Nutrition in the form of stimulus, experience and education. The brain as with the body needs a verity of nutrition. If we where to eat just apples. However healthy they may be, we would soon begin to lack other nutritional needs our bodes require. The brain I believe is an extension of this premiss and if it’s only stimulation other than the occupation of the individual is of only one thing, then how is that not starving the brain of the nutrition it needs to function properly. In a nutshell watching to much sport on TV makes people less intelligent and the situation is getting worse not better. Being a Y I don’t know how to fix it, this is just another problem the X team is going to have to nut out. They seem to be able distance themselves from the self inflicted Lobotomy curse. Any suggestions or comments please post them, even if you disagree, it may be your only destruction from sport you have for the month.

R.I.P. …..Mr Jobs.

R.I.P. ….Mr Jobs

No iPhone 5, Apple has failed.

Apple has Failed…!!!

The product launch of what was rumoured to be the iPhone 5, has left even the biggest Apple fanboys scratching their heads. 

Apple has never had it’s share price fall directly after announcing a new iPhone, or any other product for that matter. With expectations not being met for the product, investors are loosing confidence in the new direction Apple is taking. Without Mr Jobs at the wheel, has Apple began a slippery descent down to the more common path of I.T. such as Samsung, HP, and HTC?

   Apple’s release today of the iPhone 4S was almost a non event as far as announceaables go. 

The phone looks the same as the last model. It’s not lighter, thinner, nor does it have a bigger screen and continues to fall behind it’s competitors. 

  The Processor may be new to Apple, but larger, faster processors have been in other smart phones for over 12 months. In order to keep with the pack I.T. companies must leap-frog each other, Apple has failed to do this in this instance. They have leapt but merely at the heals off their competitors.

  Other “NEW” features include, 

Better reception (this was rectified on upgraded iPhone 4’s)

Larger camera, upgraded to below industry standards.

Longer Battery life, upgraded to below industry standards. (and is never as high as claimed)

  Which brings me to what I think was the biggest announcement of the event. The new Siri Voice Control.

Now if you are from the USA and in particular California you can stop reading this, because you will not understand what you are about to read. For the rest of the World population you will understand explicitly what I am about to say.

   If you have a Mac computer, an iPad, iPod, or iPhone and have at any time tried to use the voice command function, you will have found it to be very frustrating and almost impossible to use. This is due to the fact America and Americans don’t understand English if it is not spoken in an American way. 

We have all seen subtitles on American shows when people are speaking English. They may be from Ireland, Scotland, Australia, South Africa or even England. Yet they need subtitles to make out what we are saying. 

  As Siri Voice Control is the only real up date worthy of an announcement it is no wonder the Apple stock has fallen on this very day. To exclude over 75% of your customer bass on (non American’s) your new Application is a very foolish thing to do. 

  As I write this on my MacBook Pro and checking G+ on my iPhone 4, this is one (Non American) Apple FanBoy

that is very disappointed about Apple’s new direction. And I am certainly not paying $799 for a Phone that I already have.



be honest….its true.


be honest….its true.

which movie is this from?

which movie is this from?

O crap……I hate the RAINBOW WHEEL OF DEATH……

O crap……I hate the RAINBOW WHEEL OF DEATH……